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8 Tips Exploring Ijen Crater

Travelling in Indonesia is like opium, the more you try the more you get hooked. Addiction
- Barry Kusuma

Ijen Crater

Have you ever heard of the Ijen Crater ? And also know where the Ijen Crater is ? Otherwise, would you like to visit the crater ijen?. Maybe it would be an advantage if you travelling and come to Ijen Crater someday. 

  1. The best part going to Ijen Crater is in the morning.  Indonesia is a tropical country with sun always shine everytime. When the sun began to shine the Ijen Crater, beautiful scenery you can enjoy. Ijen Crater bluish green will be added to the golden sunlight bounces in the crater. Amazing view you can also get to witness the beauty of Mount Merapi charm adjacent. Mount Merapi have a similar shape to the Mount Ijen. 
  2. Arrange your best travel time. Reaching Ijen Crater, public transportation available would make you shocked. There is only 1 time trip away trip to the nearby village Ijen Crater (Sempol) and 1 time trip way home. The schedule is on 7.00 am from Bondowoso bus station or 8.30 am from Gardu Atak. Once you fall behind, you have to rent a vehicle with cost quite expensive, especially if you go alone.  A car capable of carrying more than 20 people plus other baggage. A traveling as far as 60 km from the town of Bondowoso that should be taken for 2 hours, but you'll enjoy up to more than 3.5 hours. Proximity of the driver and passengers so there is no one to blame if it will be a long journey. Otherwise, once you already get to the village (Sempol), you still need an "Ojek" to reach final post (Paltuding) before hiking to the summit Ijen Crater. Enjoy your travel time
  3. Sight seeing All the way.  From Bondowoso to the area PTPN XII, you are presented with a view of the teak forests, gardens tobacco, sugar cane. Until well into the woods as if through time tunnel that took us to the prehistoric period. Besides that, the damaged roads will slow your trip but you could see green hills as each climb one another and surrounded by the high fog gone and blend with gray white sky. Only the sound of locust that broke the silence of the woods and drove us to the frontier with coffee plantations.
  4. Save your energy. Walking to the summit Ijen Crater with distance of 3 Km will drain your energy. An existing tracks are available with both, but you had to climb a slope of about 20 degrees. slippery and winding path will require a lot of energy. Therefore, save your energy well. 
  5. Bring your mask and good shoesHiking to the summit of Ijen Crater will make you close to the acid lake. This acid lake produce sulfur fumes but the smell could irritate your respiratory. Using masks will avoid the smell of sulfur.   Condition the ways to the summit is dusty, it becomes slippery. Use your good shoes. 
  6. Mount Merapi view. Mount Ijen is close to the Mount Merapi and Mount Raung. After being at the top of the Ijen crater, you will be able to see the mount Merapi is still active and a beautiful green landscape that is never boring.
  7. Hot springs at Balawan. The road to the final post Paltuding, you will pass the coffee plantations Balawan managed by PTPN XII. But after that, there is a hot springs bath that can warm your body while enjoying with seeing a coffee plantation. 
  8. Folk story of Ijen Crater. Have you heard a folk story of Ijen Crater ?. Previously, there are three craters than Ijen, Ungkup-ungkup crater and also Urung crater. 'Ungkup' crater is in the Mount Merapi, but ultimately lost because buried in the sand. Otherwise,  Urung crater ended up not being the crater since not active like 2 others. In the Java language, 'Urung' means yet or not. Therefore, the one and only Ijen Craters is still active. 'Ijen' itself means Self

Exploinge the Ijen Crater will make your journey that never been bored, especially during hiking to the summit. Looking for local people's activities to make money despite life-threatening, but that's a reality. Other than that, enjoy the journey with rural transport only 1 time trip journey to and from the nearest village will make you chuckle in awe. 

Many story if you would like reach Ijen Crater. Enjoying the sensation and the time since it will make an addiction with your blood. 

Have a great travelling and create your own journey.

With Leisure, 

Bondowoso/Banyuwangi, 15 Sept 2012

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  1. Udah mampir sambil cari terjemahan hihihihi..... met pagi mas, tulisan yang menarik *buka google translate lagi*

    1. Met Malam mas Baktiar.. saya ingin membantu menyebarkan keindahan Indonesia kepada orang luar juga.tidak hanya bagi org Indonesia.. walaupun akan merepotkan bagi org indonesia, tp semua sambil belajar bahasa inggris juga :D..

      terpikir untuk ke kupang mengekplore disana..someday

    2. Hahaha iya, aku juga pengennya sih bisa nulis pake bahasa inggris juga cuma daripada salah-salah malah ngaco mending bahasa indonesia aja, minta mbak google yang terjemahin hihihii..
      Ayo mas, kapan mau ke NTT.... semoga bisa ketemu

    3. sangat tertarik untuk meng-eksplore indonesia timur salah satunya NTT. banyak sekali yg harus dijelajahi. smg bisa kesampaian ke NTT...sambil mencari-cari tiket promo ...heheheh... smg mas Baktiar bisa menjadi teman pemandu nantinya. :)